Overseeing Flaregames’ marketing activities and marketing team working across publishing portfolio, from titles in early assessment and negotiation phase, to liveops titles. Direct head of 4 product marketing managers, representative head of Flaregames marketing department of 20+. Part of the leadership team.
● Early assessment: brand evaluation, market research, benchmarking and KPI comparisons
● Pre launch: Insight driven strategy and marketing plan, platform pitches and coordination of PR,
community and UA plans.
● Post launch: Product performance driven strategy and marketing plan execution, coordination of
influencer marketing, community engagement.
Dozens of games assessed in pre-soft launch, 1-5 games in soft launch, one hard launched so far with two more confirmed for 2018.
Head of Brand Management (until 06/2018 reorg)
Leading a team of 8, working on games from external developer created accelerator games to full live ops internal studio titles. Building best practices and processes, creating and further developing brands, and having an overview on the marketing efforts of our portfolio titles.