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graphic design

Microsoft Dynamics user experience design

Year of interning at Microsoft Dynamics UX group in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thrown to the deep end of user experience design in one of its hardest branches, business software for corporate users. Visual elements for software programs, internal identity design and… Continue Reading →

Proposed¬†redesign of a major part of SAP’s website and its functional workflow while working at d-labs, Berlin during summer 2008.

Redesign of process cost optimization software used by major global industry actors. Updating the look and feel of the program as well as recreating the user interface and its elements. Work done during summer 2008 while working at D-Labs in… Continue Reading →

Graphics, layouts and web designs

Various CD and LP graphics, layouts and web design for bands since 2001, including Piirpauke, Hexvessel, Code, Jukka Gustavson, XL etc.

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